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School Dedicates and Renovates Library


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With a ceremony that took place in August, the library was dedicated to Mrs. Rosemary Beaumont, who has been serving with King’s library for nearly thirty years.

“The last shall be first, the first shall be last, he who wants to be great shall be a servant,” explained Rosemary Beaumont, as she received the honor to have our library dedicated to her. “She is sort of the epitome of that,” said Development Director, Glenn Martin.  “Mrs. Beaumont just does a wonderful job of serving the school in that regard through her passion for library books.”  This passion for books and libraries led Mrs. Beaumont to become a librarian with the Palm Beach County School system, before retiring and serving at TKA’s library. On the day of the celebration, family, friends, teachers, students, and administration were in attendance to thank Mrs. Beaumont, who after thanking everyone for the dedication and a beautiful celebration with food and drinks served, simply said, “I had the satisfaction of helping where help was needed, and I enjoy working with books.”

The TKA administration decided to wait until the Cube and other library renovations were completed before officially dedicating the building, and these upgrades have substantially changed TKA’s library from the last to this school year. The building’s interior has been updated to look more modern and help students with an exploratory new approach. There old computers are gone, replaced with portable laptops loaned out to students who need them. School librarian Mrs. Mearman said, “I’m really excited about it, I think it’s excellent for students who, especially are technically savvy or want to learn about new technologies.”

Part of the renovations include a new and more modern decor, with green and purple furniture, a glass room called “The Cube”, and even a brand new aquarium to match! The new “Cube” has been a valuable addition to the library, used both by Mrs. Mearman for library instruction and by other classes utilizing the great new space. The room has an interactive whiteboard called a “Promethean board,” which can be used as a computer, or to play movies or other media. All these changes have been made to improve the experience the library provides for students, teachers, and librarians. “I know when students enter the library, they get excited about coming in. It’s not drab and dreary, it’s colorful and engaging, and makes them want to run to the shelves and grab a book, and that’s what we want!” Mrs. Mearman explained.

These new library renovations and dedication are just some of the many immeasurable changes that have been made to TKA’s campus since it was founded. This school started with a group of families getting together and deciding to form a Christian school in Palm Beach Country, way back in 1969, with a total of only about 33,000 dollars. In a great contrast, this year the school is adding the new Center for Performing Arts for over nine million. God has truly provided for TKA each and every time the administration decided that something new was needed, and allowed the school to grow and thrive in incredible ways. Mr. Martin said, “If we stay in the center of God’s will…we keep the main thing the main thing, God provides…You could do a whole issue on the Lord’s blessing of the King’s Academy!”

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School Dedicates and Renovates Library