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A Message for the Next Commander in Chief

From TKA Students Staff


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Tomorrow, the election that has been ever-present in the minds of so many Americans will come to a close, and the next president of the United States will be revealed. This year’s presidential election is buzzing with opinions about our future commander in chief and, regardless of who is elected, everyone has an opinion about how this country should be run. Although many high school students are dismissed as ignorant and inexperienced with regards to politics, they are America’s next generation of voters, and so have an interesting insight into this election. In fact, some of TKA’s seniors will be voting this year. With this in mind, we asked secondary students and teachers for their advice and messages to our country’s next leader.

“Try to focus on what’s best for the country and not what’s best for you.” — Chase Pereboom, 12

“Remember the consequences of your actions, and consider those who will live in the world you create.” —Carissa Martin, 12

“You serve the people.” —Mr. Sawyer, Secondary Social Studies

“Try to step back and look at issues through different perspectives, because everyone is going to attack them differently. You’re never going to be able to please everyone, but if you can find a nice, neutral ground and make sure you’re taking everyone into account, then it’ll definitely settle the ground and the craziness that has been occurring around this election.” —Hailey George, 11

“Work on the economy because that’s a very important issue right now, our economy is very important. I think that it’s absolutely crucial to have a president who knows economics well because we’re 20 trillion dollars in debt, and we’ll just be in more if we elect the wrong person. I would also give him the advice to handle terrorism well, because that’s the number one threat. I think he or she needs to have good composure because that’s very crucial when you’re talking with other countries and I just think that the next president has to be very knowledgeable on all the issues that it takes to be President of the United States. It’ll come down on November 8th up to the people to pick the right president, it’ll be the people’s voice and we’ll see what happens.”—Phillip Tirino, 9

“Prepare for the Martian invasion.” —Dana Leininger, 12

“Develop a zero based budget.” —Mrs. Rantin, Secondary Social Studies

“Do not forget the lessons of history.” —Mr. Stutzman, Secondary Social Studies

“Be a unifier not a divider of people, and remember all Americans deserve respect even if they didn’t vote for you. And most importantly, humbly ask the God of Heaven to give you wisdom every day you are in office.” —Nancy Stack, Head of the Secondary English Dept.

“Please take care of our country, and do not make any rash decisions.” —Victoria Kalloo, 12

“Please, take care of our own people and country so that we can reach out to others to help.  If we DO NOT take care of ourselves first, then we are of no use to others.” —Catherine Prusila, Executive Assistant to HS Principal

“Dear Madame or Mr. President, I beg you to surround yourself with advisors that are truly wise, I don’t mean smart, because that is not the necessarily the same thing. We have very big issues before us as a nation, which requires a wise leader making wise decisions. My faith teaches me that you are in power because God has permitted it to be so. So please, even if you don’t believe in the God of all wisdom, I beg you to please ask Him to surround you with those who are wise and can give you good counsel. I will daily be praying for your success.” —Mr. Meldrim, Secondary Bible

“Please take caution as you will not always (and understandably so) know what is best for this country. —Alex Burks, 12

“We are living in momentous, even dangerous times.  Appeal to the living God for wisdom as to how to lead our great nation.  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” —David Skinner, Director of Instrumental Arts

“Balance the budget and eliminate the debt.” —Cathy Higgins, Dance Instructor

“Ask God for wisdom and surround yourself with people of various gifts and talents who are different than your own, and ones that are open to give you honest advice.  ‘There is wisdom in a multitude of counsel.’” —Mrs. Sonja Jones, HS Principal

“Despite the fact that I may or may not vote for you, I will pray for you that you remember that you have promised to love and protect the American people, who are not peasants to be oppressed, destroyed, or persecuted; but rather, they are to be loved and protected above all your duties. That you keep your promises, most importantly to uphold the law, not to be above the law. That you recognize that while you have been given incredible power, you acknowledge that there’s a God who rules over heaven and earth. Your time in the White House is limited, but His is timeless.” —Mrs. Maritza Cosano-Gomez, HS English and Journalism Teacher

“Is Corey still in the house?” —Aidan Hobbs, 12

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A Message for the Next Commander in Chief