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Welcome to the TKA Roar online magazine! We are student journalists writing about both what’s new at school and what’s going on around the world.

Our site is divided into sections for easy navigation. The Student Life section focuses on student profiles and school events, our News section discusses local and national news and its effects on TKA students, and our Sports and Fine Arts sections will give you an in-depth coverage of TKA Lion Athletics and Arts. Don’t forget to check out at the current news headlines scrolling by and the student polls. If you have a story for us to cover or any comments on our current stories, let us know in the Submit a Story section below.

And remember, we don’t just report the news, we tell the story of what’s happening today. So whether you’re interested in what’s happening around the country or what’s going on with students and faculty at school, check out what we have to say!

Now, got a story? Tell us all about it.

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